EZ Digital TV Antenna

There are various methods of viewing your favourite shows without the need for paying those hefty cable bills. One of them being, TV antennas that offer free channels for its viewers. EZ Digital TV antenna has been making a lot of claims to attract customers. Few of their claims include, Providing Free HD channels, one can enjoy around 50 channels absolutely free of cost. The question arises as to whether these claims provided by the company are really true or is it a marketing gimmick.

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The EZ Digital TV antenna comes along with a lot of features and certainly has been one of the top pick when it comes to indoor TV antennas. This antenna covers a range of 30miles and you have the option of boosting this range up to 50miles by making use of amplifiers or extenders. With a strong reception signals, you can surely receive around 50 channels. However, one thing that has to be ensured is the placement of the antenna.

The company has claimed that the installation would get completed in seconds. However, this is not completely true. Though the setup and installation is pretty much simple, but only the plug-in work gets done easily. There are still further other adjustments that need to be carried out for the correct placement. Finding the right location itself would take 5 to 10 minutes. The EZ TV antenna provides HD quality picture hence if there is 1080p available then you would surely get high-definition picture right on your screen.

The company surely lives up on its claim of providing maximum number of channels since it can pick up strong reception signals. Hence it would ensure that all of your favourite channels are available at ease. This antenna does not come along with an in-built amplifier but if you are far from the broadcasting tower and need to get strong signal strength or more number of channels then you would need to go in for an extender or amplifier. Another disadvantage, is that the shipping is a bit slow when compared with the other companies. Apart from this issue, there are no other major problems seen in this model.

Being a sleek one, you can easily mount it on the wall or window. Basically for beginners, this can be a good pick since it is not too heavy on the pockets as well. You can check on the website for the nearest tower and accordingly would need to adjust the antenna. Try to avoid any kind of obstructions else it may lead to interference in receiving the signals. Multiple adjustments of the placement would need to be carried out before you finalise on the right one that provides maximum number of channels. EZ Digital TV antenna would ensure that you do not miss the TV viewing experience as you used to do in the cable TV. The picture quality would be uncompressed hence it would assure for high quality and crisp picture as well as sound which otherwise would be missing in the cable TV.

This is a great product with a lot of features and it is worth the money that you spend on purchasing it.