Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Antennas

It’s time to bid adieu to the cable bills and cut the cord. The first thing that comes to the mind in the process of cutting the cord is how would one watch their favourite shows and sports. One of the most common option people opt for is through TV antenna. This is known to be a quick and easy solution for accessing all of your local channels and shows absolutely free of cost. But when you decide on purchasing the TV antenna, there can be a confusion whether to go in for indoor or outdoor TV antennas. Let us have a quick look into the difference of both these types of antenna.

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  • Indoor TV antennas: As the name suggests, these TV antennas have to be placed indoors whether at home, office, healthcare facility, school or any other interior premises. This is said to be an ideal solution for those who are located closer to the broadcasting towers. Also mostly people who live in cities wherein they have apartment style house and space is a constraint can go in for indoor antennas. You can get these simple yet powerful looking devices for viewing your favourite channels. One must make a note that placement of the indoor antenna is important in terms of receiving better quality picture and strong reception. Hence for ensuring that you do not lose out on the signal, you can reposition the antenna multiple times until you get the best placement. There are different styles of indoor antennas that can go well with the home interiors as well. In terms of installation, indoor antennas are pretty simple and straightforward. The coaxial cable that comes along with most of the antennas also provides for flexibility in terms of moving the antenna until you get the best position.
  • Outdoor TV antennas: As the name suggests, these outdoor TV antennas have to be placed outside the house in the direction of the broadcasting tower. When the installation of the antenna is possible outside, then it would be recommended that one should go in for these outdoor TV antennas. They are mostly mounted higher on the rooftop with less obstructions. Outdoor antennas receive good signal strength when there is less obstruction. People who reside far away from the broadcasting tower can go in for the outdoor TV antennas to ensure that there is no signal weakness. One should make a note that, they should be testing the antenna position and then scan the channels until they decide on the final placement. Drill the holes only once you are sure about the placement of the antenna.

There are various models available for both indoor and outdoor antennas. It is important to carry out your research in terms of channel availability in your area and the broadcasting tower. Once you get this information, you can decide on how much coverage range antenna would you need so that it can pick up the signals without any issue. Also not all of the houses in your area would be having a similar type of antenna. There are various factors that go in choosing the best antenna.