Boost Waves Antenna

The popularity of Boost Waves antenna has been on a rise due to the various promotions carried out on the social media site. But this also lead to a lot of questions regarding their claim on getting channels absolutely free of cost. But the good news for the cord cutters is that, Boost Waves surely works as they have claimed and you should try it to believe them.

The Boost Waves indoor antenna is pretty much easy in terms of setup wherein it would only take you just few minutes to complete the installation and you are ready to watch your favourite shows. Though you may need to reposition the antenna a couple of times to get the best signal and maximum number of channels. Hence before the setup, it is advisable to make a note of where exactly is the broadcasting tower and accordingly place the antenna. Once your placement is done, you are sure to receive more than dozens of channels which are absolutely free of cost.

Boost Waves indoor antenna is sleek in terms of design. It can be easily concealed. You can hide the antenna easily behind the TV and there is no worry about the antenna sticking out from the wall. Boost Waves indoor antenna is super thin and light. It has a multi-directional reception. You also get a 10foot long coaxial cable that would allow to move the antenna around the room for perfect placement. The antenna also comes along with an amplifier that would help in increasing the range of the antenna from its standard 30miles to 60miles. In most of the cases, when you have the amplifier connected you can receive multiple signals which would mean more number of local channels.

Though you would get more number of channels but there have been cases that not all of them would be of resolution 1080p. Make a note that you would not be able to watch any of the premium channels such as Showtime, HBO and others.

For all those people who want to get rid of cable networks but still not deciding to cut the cord should surely give a try to Boost Waves antenna. Apart from indoor antennas, they also have outdoor antennas. With Boost Waves antenna, you can be assured that none of your favourite channels would drop of. Have a check at the website on the channels which are available in your area and the nearest broadcasting tower.

Boost Waves stands true to its promise of delivering channels for free of cost with just a one-time purchase cost. There are multiple antenna options available in both indoor as well as outdoor category. You can check out the features of the same and finally select the one that suits you need and requirement. They also provide an instruction manual and a trouble shooting guide which would help in the setup of the antenna and also guide on any problems faced with the reception signals. Surely go in for it and try out the world of TV antennas so that you can enjoy your favourite channels without the need for paying any monthly or yearly charges.