Boost Waves Antenna Review: Are All These Channels Really Free?

There has been a rise in the popularity of Boost Waves antenna wherein the social media networks are buzzing with its various claims of providing channels absolutely free of cost. This leads to a lot of questions in the mind of the consumers thinking whether there is any truth to it or is it just a scam. But the good news is that there is no scam or illegal in this claim. Boost Waves antenna does offer its users channels which are absolutely free of cost.

Boost Waves antenna is an indoor TV antenna which is just 12 ounces in weight. So that is really what we call lightweight. It has a sleek design to it thus making it quite easier for concealing. You can hide this antenna behind the TV unit or a painting on the wall. It can also go well with the interior décor. There is no worry that this antenna would stick out from the wall.

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Talking about the setup, this antenna is quite quick and easy in terms of setting up. It would only take you few minutes’ time for carrying out the setup however there would be chances of repositioning the antenna multiple times before you get that final placement. Hence before the setup, it is recommended to check which direction is the broadcasting tower located so that you can place the antenna in that direction accordingly.

Boost Waves antenna covers the range of 30miles which is quite good. The strong signals that it would pick up would help in providing access to more than dozens of major network channels absolutely free of cost. It comes along with a 10foot long coaxial cable that further provides the flexibility in placing the antenna at the right position or also help in hiding the antenna. This antenna also comes along with a range amplifier booster that can further boost the range from 30miles to 60miles. Hence it would help in receiving multiple signals which would in turn provide access to more of the local channels.

Due to the multi-directional feature of this antenna, the setup and placement becomes easier. You get access to a lot of channels with a resolution of 1080p. However, you would not get access to any of the premium channels such as Showtime, HBO and so on. These do not come along with a regular antenna package. But certainly there are 12 to 40 plus basic channels that you would have access to depending on your area.

So we can say just for the price of $89.99, this antenna is surely worth the money since it provides you with lifetime access to free television. That too all of your favourite local sports, news, weather and entertainment programs which otherwise you would need to pay and view through cable networks.

To sum it up, Boost Waves antenna does work and live up to their expectations. There is nothing illegal in it or it is not a scam. This is surely a new concept that has been gaining a lot of momentum.