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5 Reasons You’ll love PicsArt Replay

PicsArt Replay (in beta) is here and it’ll take your altering game to the following level! Beginning quickly on iOS, you’ll have the option to see the faltering steps — and effectively apply them to your own picture — for select remixes made by Picsart. Here are 5 reasons why you’ll Replay.

So Much Motivation –

New Replays will be presented day by day on the Picsart account, giving you 365 motivations to make new remixes every day.

Love Instructional exercises?

We do as well! – Every altering venture is separated so you can see precisely what instrument, impact, or sticker was utilized. The outcome is an extremely fun and intuitive approach to turn into an altering expert!

One-Tap Apply –

When you playback the means, effectively apply them to your own picture with only one tap for every progression!

Make It Your Own –

Each progression is adjustable, so you can either make the Replay precisely as is or redo it to make it your own.

Time Investment funds –

You’ll all of a sudden have such a great amount of ⏲️ on your hands since Replay chops down altering time to simple seconds (so you can make considerably more remixes)!

To get early access to Replay, ensure you’re on the most recent rendition of the iOS application and pursue the Picsart account on PicsArt to see the day by day Replays. Prepared to begin? Look at the present Replay.

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EZ Digital TV Antenna

There are various methods of viewing your favourite shows without the need for paying those hefty cable bills. One of them being, TV antennas that offer free channels for its viewers. EZ Digital TV antenna has been making a lot of claims to attract customers. Few of their claims include, Providing Free HD channels, one can enjoy around 50 channels absolutely free of cost. The question arises as to whether these claims provided by the company are really true or is it a marketing gimmick.

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The EZ Digital TV antenna comes along with a lot of features and certainly has been one of the top pick when it comes to indoor TV antennas. This antenna covers a range of 30miles and you have the option of boosting this range up to 50miles by making use of amplifiers or extenders. With a strong reception signals, you can surely receive around 50 channels. However, one thing that has to be ensured is the placement of the antenna.

The company has claimed that the installation would get completed in seconds. However, this is not completely true. Though the setup and installation is pretty much simple, but only the plug-in work gets done easily. There are still further other adjustments that need to be carried out for the correct placement. Finding the right location itself would take 5 to 10 minutes. The EZ TV antenna provides HD quality picture hence if there is 1080p available then you would surely get high-definition picture right on your screen.

The company surely lives up on its claim of providing maximum number of channels since it can pick up strong reception signals. Hence it would ensure that all of your favourite channels are available at ease. This antenna does not come along with an in-built amplifier but if you are far from the broadcasting tower and need to get strong signal strength or more number of channels then you would need to go in for an extender or amplifier. Another disadvantage, is that the shipping is a bit slow when compared with the other companies. Apart from this issue, there are no other major problems seen in this model.

Being a sleek one, you can easily mount it on the wall or window. Basically for beginners, this can be a good pick since it is not too heavy on the pockets as well. You can check on the website for the nearest tower and accordingly would need to adjust the antenna. Try to avoid any kind of obstructions else it may lead to interference in receiving the signals. Multiple adjustments of the placement would need to be carried out before you finalise on the right one that provides maximum number of channels. EZ Digital TV antenna would ensure that you do not miss the TV viewing experience as you used to do in the cable TV. The picture quality would be uncompressed hence it would assure for high quality and crisp picture as well as sound which otherwise would be missing in the cable TV.

This is a great product with a lot of features and it is worth the money that you spend on purchasing it.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Antennas

It’s time to bid adieu to the cable bills and cut the cord. The first thing that comes to the mind in the process of cutting the cord is how would one watch their favourite shows and sports. One of the most common option people opt for is through TV antenna. This is known to be a quick and easy solution for accessing all of your local channels and shows absolutely free of cost. But when you decide on purchasing the TV antenna, there can be a confusion whether to go in for indoor or outdoor TV antennas. Let us have a quick look into the difference of both these types of antenna.

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  • Indoor TV antennas: As the name suggests, these TV antennas have to be placed indoors whether at home, office, healthcare facility, school or any other interior premises. This is said to be an ideal solution for those who are located closer to the broadcasting towers. Also mostly people who live in cities wherein they have apartment style house and space is a constraint can go in for indoor antennas. You can get these simple yet powerful looking devices for viewing your favourite channels. One must make a note that placement of the indoor antenna is important in terms of receiving better quality picture and strong reception. Hence for ensuring that you do not lose out on the signal, you can reposition the antenna multiple times until you get the best placement. There are different styles of indoor antennas that can go well with the home interiors as well. In terms of installation, indoor antennas are pretty simple and straightforward. The coaxial cable that comes along with most of the antennas also provides for flexibility in terms of moving the antenna until you get the best position.
  • Outdoor TV antennas: As the name suggests, these outdoor TV antennas have to be placed outside the house in the direction of the broadcasting tower. When the installation of the antenna is possible outside, then it would be recommended that one should go in for these outdoor TV antennas. They are mostly mounted higher on the rooftop with less obstructions. Outdoor antennas receive good signal strength when there is less obstruction. People who reside far away from the broadcasting tower can go in for the outdoor TV antennas to ensure that there is no signal weakness. One should make a note that, they should be testing the antenna position and then scan the channels until they decide on the final placement. Drill the holes only once you are sure about the placement of the antenna.

There are various models available for both indoor and outdoor antennas. It is important to carry out your research in terms of channel availability in your area and the broadcasting tower. Once you get this information, you can decide on how much coverage range antenna would you need so that it can pick up the signals without any issue. Also not all of the houses in your area would be having a similar type of antenna. There are various factors that go in choosing the best antenna.

Boost Waves Antenna

The popularity of Boost Waves antenna has been on a rise due to the various promotions carried out on the social media site. But this also lead to a lot of questions regarding their claim on getting channels absolutely free of cost. But the good news for the cord cutters is that, Boost Waves surely works as they have claimed and you should try it to believe them.

The Boost Waves indoor antenna is pretty much easy in terms of setup wherein it would only take you just few minutes to complete the installation and you are ready to watch your favourite shows. Though you may need to reposition the antenna a couple of times to get the best signal and maximum number of channels. Hence before the setup, it is advisable to make a note of where exactly is the broadcasting tower and accordingly place the antenna. Once your placement is done, you are sure to receive more than dozens of channels which are absolutely free of cost.

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Boost Waves indoor antenna is sleek in terms of design. It can be easily concealed. You can hide the antenna easily behind the TV and there is no worry about the antenna sticking out from the wall. Boost Waves indoor antenna is super thin and light. It has a multi-directional reception. You also get a 10foot long coaxial cable that would allow to move the antenna around the room for perfect placement. The antenna also comes along with an amplifier that would help in increasing the range of the antenna from its standard 30miles to 60miles. In most of the cases, when you have the amplifier connected you can receive multiple signals which would mean more number of local channels.

Though you would get more number of channels but there have been cases that not all of them would be of resolution 1080p. Make a note that you would not be able to watch any of the premium channels such as Showtime, HBO and others.

For all those people who want to get rid of cable networks but still not deciding to cut the cord should surely give a try to Boost Waves antenna. Apart from indoor antennas, they also have outdoor antennas. With Boost Waves antenna, you can be assured that none of your favourite channels would drop of. Have a check at the website on the channels which are available in your area and the nearest broadcasting tower.

Boost Waves stands true to its promise of delivering channels for free of cost with just a one-time purchase cost. There are multiple antenna options available in both indoor as well as outdoor category. You can check out the features of the same and finally select the one that suits you need and requirement. They also provide an instruction manual and a trouble shooting guide which would help in the setup of the antenna and also guide on any problems faced with the reception signals. Surely go in for it and try out the world of TV antennas so that you can enjoy your favourite channels without the need for paying any monthly or yearly charges.

Boost Waves Antenna Review: Are All These Channels Really Free?

There has been a rise in the popularity of Boost Waves antenna wherein the social media networks are buzzing with its various claims of providing channels absolutely free of cost. This leads to a lot of questions in the mind of the consumers thinking whether there is any truth to it or is it just a scam. But the good news is that there is no scam or illegal in this claim. Boost Waves antenna does offer its users channels which are absolutely free of cost.

Boost Waves antenna is an indoor TV antenna which is just 12 ounces in weight. So that is really what we call lightweight. It has a sleek design to it thus making it quite easier for concealing. You can hide this antenna behind the TV unit or a painting on the wall. It can also go well with the interior décor. There is no worry that this antenna would stick out from the wall.

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Talking about the setup, this antenna is quite quick and easy in terms of setting up. It would only take you few minutes’ time for carrying out the setup however there would be chances of repositioning the antenna multiple times before you get that final placement. Hence before the setup, it is recommended to check which direction is the broadcasting tower located so that you can place the antenna in that direction accordingly.

Boost Waves antenna covers the range of 30miles which is quite good. The strong signals that it would pick up would help in providing access to more than dozens of major network channels absolutely free of cost. It comes along with a 10foot long coaxial cable that further provides the flexibility in placing the antenna at the right position or also help in hiding the antenna. This antenna also comes along with a range amplifier booster that can further boost the range from 30miles to 60miles. Hence it would help in receiving multiple signals which would in turn provide access to more of the local channels.

Due to the multi-directional feature of this antenna, the setup and placement becomes easier. You get access to a lot of channels with a resolution of 1080p. However, you would not get access to any of the premium channels such as Showtime, HBO and so on. These do not come along with a regular antenna package. But certainly there are 12 to 40 plus basic channels that you would have access to depending on your area.

So we can say just for the price of $89.99, this antenna is surely worth the money since it provides you with lifetime access to free television. That too all of your favourite local sports, news, weather and entertainment programs which otherwise you would need to pay and view through cable networks.

To sum it up, Boost Waves antenna does work and live up to their expectations. There is nothing illegal in it or it is not a scam. This is surely a new concept that has been gaining a lot of momentum.