Amazon Product “Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A”

Individuals who have recently gone for the cord cutting and want to have a decent looking TV antenna which is also affordable can start off with the Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A. You can call this model as an entry level TV antenna which has a lot of features to offer its viewers. The price is also quite reasonable so that it easily fits the budget. One of the main advantage of this model is that, it is quite compact and smaller in size. Being a thin sized antenna, you can place it easily at any spot even behind the TV unit. It would also not stick out in the room. Being thin, you can easily mount it on the wall or higher on the window for receiving the optimal reception signals.

However, try to keep any obstacles away from the antenna, else it can weaken the signal. Before you go ahead and carry out the installation, first try to locate the exact location of the broadcasting tower. For those who would want to maximise HD channels on to their TV for free would need to position the TV antenna exactly in the direction of the broadcasting tower. This would be mostly important for those who stay further away from the broadcasting tower and not the ones who stay closer to the tower. Try to reposition the antenna and then carry out a scanning. For getting the best results, you may need to reposition the antenna multiple times before finalising the placement.

This model of Winegard offers a coverage range of 50miles which is quite a good one. You would be able to view most of the local channels such as, ABC, Fox, NBC and many more. Once the placement and other factors are taken care, you are sure to receive good quality crystal clear picture. It makes use of Clear Circuit technology which would ensure that it provides for the best possible signal once it has been mounted on the wall or window.

The amped would receive both VHF and UHF frequency signals in HD format. Due to this antenna being multi-directional, it can easily pick up signals from both the directions thus offering more number of channels. You have the option of placing it on the wall on lay it flat on the table. Since it is an amplified model, you would need to keep in mind that when you would be placing it, there would be a need to plug it either in the nearby outlet of the AC adapter or would need to make use of the USB cable which is only 3 feet.

For those who would want to benefit without the cable can also take subscription of your favourite streaming services so as to get more number of local channels and entertainment options. All this only at less amount. The Winegard comes along with an 18feet long coaxial cable thus providing the much needed flexibility in placing it at the right direction.

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