Amazon Product “Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna”

Looking out for a stylish indoor TV antenna that can provide both appealing factor as well as good reception. Here we present the “Mohu Leaf 50” which is an indoor TV antenna that comes along with an amplifier. This indoor antenna is mostly suitable for the rural or the suburban regions. However, you would need to take your time to find the best placement in the house so that it receives strong reception signals. Try to move around the antenna at various places and finally decide on the one wherein you get clear and good quality picture and maximum channels.

As the name “Leaf 50” covers 50mile range for the TV signals. It is a flat, tiny and lightweight antenna that can be placed easily indoors. It also comes along with sticky mounts so that you can stick it on to the wall, back of the TV or high on the window. Note that the reception of the signals would only be dependent on where exactly it is being placed. Also the type of signals that is being transmitted in the area also plays an important role. Once the connections and installation piece is completed, you would surely receive access to all major channels such as ABC, Fox, PBS and so on. However, it does not provide access to any paid premium channels. One of the possible downside of Leaf 50 would be that you may not get all the required number of channels if there are any obstruction or if you are too far from the broadcasting station. You can also carry out a check on the Mohu website for the channel availability in your particular region before purchasing the antenna.

With Leaf 50, you get access to free channels having crystal clear picture quality. Mohu has a CleanPeak Filter technology that helps in filtering out the cellular as well as the FM signals thus leading to clear and amazing picture quality. At the same time, you can also have access to additional number of free HDTV channels. It is an omnidirectional indoor antenna that would bring to your home all of the local channels.

Mohu Leaf 50 is an amplified TV antenna hence it would not come along with a separate power source. Leaf 50 comes along with a 16feet long coaxial cable for flexibility in placing the antenna at an appropriate location. This is considered to be one of the longest coaxial cable hence it would provide for enough of slack to get the best spot. You also get a 1-year warranty cover for the Leaf 50 antenna. This is however a standard warranty for most of the indoor HDTV antennas.

Mohu Leaf has proved itself to be a leader in terms of performance and also by its paper thin design and style. With free over-the-air TV, you are sure to get an uncompressed picture of your favourite shows. Though the geographical obstruction and the placement of the antenna plays a vital role in the channels that would be made available to you.

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