ClearStream presents some amazing TV antennas for those who are looking out to watch their favourite shows without the need to worry for expensive cable bills. With the ClearStream Micron XG, you can receive TV signals which are in the coverage range of 30 to 35miles. It is an indoor TV antenna that has a stylish texture to it. Hence it can blend very easily with your interiors. This particular indoor antenna is suitable for the suburban as well as the urban regions. ClearStream offers longer warranty options. It comes along with a 6foot coaxial cable which may not be as long as the other TV antennas. Hence you may face certain limitations when it comes to placing the TV unit and the antenna.

In certain cases, so as to receive the maximum number of TV channels, you may also need to move around your television based on where exactly the broadcasting tower is. Note that the strength of the reception signals would be dependent on certain factors, if there are any kind of obstructions, the exact position of the broadcasting tower and at which direction the antenna is located, and the tower range.

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ClearStream Micron XG comes along with a 20dB in-line amplifier. This would mean that it would provide for additional amplification of the signals without the need for adding any other artifacts. Ultimately it would offer you a good signal reception and quality picture. The Micron XG makes use of special patented technology so as to receive good signal strength. The setup of this antenna is quite simple and easy. Firstly, you can visit the official website of Clearstream wherein you can get the details of the broadcasting towers that are currently available in your area. You can place the antenna on the wall or place it on a table stand. Once the location has been identified, you can connect the coaxial cable to one of the TV inputs. Note that all the connections are in place, before you start the scanning of the channels. As you scan for channels, you can also play around with the best placement to receive maximum and best reception. You would receive most of the top local channels such as, Fox, PBS, ABC and NBC.

With Clearstream, you would be having two options of placement. Firstly, it can be wall mounted or place it on a table. The wall mounting would allow for better positioning so that you receive good signal strength. Being a thicker antenna, some may not find it pleasing with the interiors. When you mount it on the wall, there are chances that it would stick out against the colour of the wall. Hence think about this before purchasing the antenna especially if you are conscious on what goes about in the interiors. Another option would be, making the antenna stand on the tabletop. This way it may seem to be like an internet router since it would have to be placed nearer to the television unit. While for some it may be a good option but for others it may not work in their favour since you may not receive good signal strength.